Rules of Composition: Leading Lines


The lines of the bard wire have a direction that moves from one corner of the photo to the other.

What is Digital Art?

Digital Art is an expression like any other art, however, it is created using a medium that is “new” in historical terms. In Digital Art, the artist uses various simple or advanced software and hardware to create their message, as opposed to the more traditional art tools such as paints, canvas, paper, pencil, clay, etc.

Art does not simply refer to the tools used to create it. Art is about the vision, message, and emotion conveyed by the artist through any medium. Painting on a canvas is a medium through which artists may create art. Likewise, a computer is just a medium, or tool, through which an artist can express his vision of line, form, color, composition, and rhythm.

When the digital artist has mastery over the available tools and technologies (software, equipment, etc.) they can go beyond “taking a digital picture” or “applying an effect” and create art – an individual expression of their vision.


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Updated: August, 2016

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