Landscape Scene

As I delve further into Adobe’s Creative Suite, and experiment with my own creations, I will periodically post some of the work on my blogs for everyone to scrutinize behold. My hope is that as I create and practice, I will gather a wide array of skills and the pieces will become more refined with each post (this is what we teachers call “learning”). Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or tips for me as I explore the world of Digital Art.

First up: Landscape.

Program: Adobe Illustrator (Vector)

Skills Learned/Used:

  1. Pencil tool to create objects (clouds and mountains)
  2. Gradient fill (clouds and mountains)
  3. Create symbols and brushes (leaves and grass)
  4. Symbol splatter tool (leaves)
  5. Using different brush strokes for texture (tree trunk and mountain)
  6. Placing one Illustrator file into another.

Reflection: Overall a simple task, but it helped that I had a tutorial video (thanks Zig). During this task the main thing I learned was how to create custom brush strokes and symbols. Also, this task allowed me to better understand how vector programs (such as Illustrator) are different than raster programs (such as Photoshop).

Overall this was a good exercise to do after toying around with Illustrator. It is simple to do, yet it has an overall aesthetically pleasing finish.

My next Vector project is making a cup of hot coffee where I’ll be exploring and using the pen tool.