Engage your students with the Classroom Story! The Classroom Story is a hands-on, creative, and interactive instructional approach that: has no acronyms, makes writing fun, is closer to play than work, and must be experienced to be understood.

The teacher acts as narrator and moderator by creating a setting, inciting event, general plot, and any game elements. Students engage with the the story by creating characters, and becoming authors, thinkers, and creators. Students get opportunities to write, create, mess-up, try again, work together, and move around. The end result will be a shared experience that you could never plan totally and will produce work you could have never expected!

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A Hobbit Story


Teaching a Gaming Generation – my thoughts on our current culture and some insights into gaming culture and gamification.
Part One “Down the Rabbit Hole” – a look into the modern gaming landscape and its connection to our culture.
Part Two “Bartle’s Kids” – how people play and why it matters.
Part Three “Dichotomy in the Classroom” – a dialogue with a crabby teacher.


Article for SJASD Newsletter. The author came to our class, participated, and interviewed the students.
from Riding the Wave. 2018
from BYTE 2017.
Honored to have Giulia Forsythe draw sketchnotes about The Classroom Story at Riding the Wave 2018.


Dropbox Folder – handouts and classroom story related resources.

Cool Free Stuff – all sorts of interesting resources that could be integrated into YOUR Classroom Story.