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V is for Vector

Program: Adobe Illustrator (Vector). Tutorial by Andrei Marius on TutsPlus, found here. Reflection Typically I scour the web looking for interesting tutorials to learn and do myself, then subsequently share with my students. I look for an end-product that catches the eye, then make sure it has a well made tutorial that is at my students level of understanding. Both of…

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Here we have my latest Illustrator creation. Something most of us see everyday…a hot and bubbly cup of joe. Found this tutorial here. Program: Adobe Illustrator (Vector) Skills Learned/Used: Pen tool to create objects (cup, saucer, coffee) 3D effects (cup, saucer, handle) to reduce time spent on drawing the entire image. Gradient fills (coffee, bubbles,…

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What is Digital Art?

Digital Art is an expression like any other art, however, it is created using a medium that is “new” in historical terms. In Digital Art, the artist uses various simple or advanced software and hardware to create their message, as opposed to the more traditional art tools such as paints, canvas, paper, pencil, clay, etc.…

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