Engage your students with the Classroom Story! The Classroom Story is a hands-on, creative, and interactive instructional approach that: has no acronyms, makes writing fun, is closer to play than work, and must be experienced to be understood.

The teacher acts as narrator and moderator by creating a setting, inciting event, general plot, and any game elements. Students engage with the the story by creating characters, and becoming authors, thinkers, and creators. Students get opportunities to write, create, mess-up, try again, work together, and move around. The end result will be a shared experience that you could never plan totally and will produce work you could have never expected!

Blog Posts re:Classroom Story

Teaching a Gaming Generation – my thoughts on our current culture and some insights into gaming culture and gamification.
Part One “Down the Rabbit Hole” – a look into the modern gaming landscape and its connection to our culture.
Part Two “Bartle’s Kids” – how people play and why it matters.
Part Three “Dichotomy in the Classroom” – a dialogue with a crabby teacher.

SPQR – a role-playing approach to the Roman Republic (the fun part!) and how it turned into a museum-like public exbhibition.

A Hobbit Story – a classroom story following the steps of Thorin & Co. Will our adventurers fare better than the group of dwarves?

Breakout! – Using a breakout box (escape room) as a summative activitiy for our Classroom Story


Dropbox Folder – handouts and classroom story related resources.

Cool Free Stuff – all sorts of interesting resources that could be integrated into YOUR Classroom Story.