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A Pedagogical Dragon Tale

A FOREWORD Dear reader, Stories of dragons are not uncommon. And why not? Dragons are powerful, awe inspiring, and usually cautionary. Stories of dragons can cast them as charming protagonists or objects of fear to be hunted. In the stories where dragons conquer, I wondered, how do they keep their power afterwards? How would a…

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The Visibility of Learning

The ETMOOC orientation was really cool. Not because there was some grand proposition or revolutionary breakthrough. It was cool because it was honest and spontaneous. A bunch of people who signed up because of some mix of curiosity and interest in edtech. Most seemed to be MOOC first timers (myself included) and jumped into Blackboard…

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Learning Something New

I have taught for 3 years in various capacities, not yet finding a permanent resting place. I’ve had quite a journey already, in my short 3 years of teaching. I have had to learn and adapt to new curriculum, schools, staff, and demographics. But my most recent job is leading me to places I didn’t…

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