Let’s Not Microteach

people learn when they’re engaged and mentored. Not when they’re info-dumped and left hanging

The Visibility of Learning

The ETMOOC orientation was really cool. Not because there was some grand proposition or revolutionary breakthrough. It was cool because it was honest and spontaneous. A bunch of people who signed up because of some mix of curiosity and interest in edtech. Most seemed to be MOOC first timers (myself included) and jumped into BlackboardContinue reading “The Visibility of Learning”

Beginning Project-based Learning in the Classroom

What I Learned: PBL is about student choice, not the teacher’s. I can hear it already: *lonely clap* “Yeah, that’s the point man!” Now for me to elaborate on this groundbreaking material. First off, I’ve done considerable “planning” for this unit. As in: I’ve invested much time into the thought and production of ideas andContinue reading “Beginning Project-based Learning in the Classroom”