FREE STUFF… that’s actually good.

Digital Make, Create, and Edit

MagicaVoxel – 3D pixel (voxels) editor and renderer.

Inkscape: Vector art software –

Gimp: Digital design –

Get Paint – image and photo editing software

Blender: 3D modeling software –

The Noun Project – icon database

Audacity: Audio editing software – Lego simulator –


Zotero: Reference manager and research assistant- Contains music, movies, books, software, games, and webpages

Periodic Table of Storytelling: Visual arrangement of storytelling tropes –

Seventh Sanctum: random story, character, etc. generator –


Extra Credits – YouTube channel exploring all things game design –

GURPS Lite – Generic Universal Role Playing System – great info for aspiring game masters –

Godot: Game designer by MIT

Scratch: Block coding and creative computing by MIT

Reading, Writing, Language, and Communication


Giants’ Well: scrolling graphic story

StoryCorps:   Webpage and Podcast

Star Wars: A New Hope – a 123 meter infographic retelling episode IV  


Reddit Writing Prompts:  writing prompt forum

Hemingway App: helps make your writing bold and clear

Moving Writers: blog with great ideas. Check out the Mentor Text Dropbox!


Discord: Chat and Communication software –


Duolingo: Learn languages for free –

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