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A Pedagogical Dragon Tale

A FOREWORD Dear reader, Stories of dragons are not uncommon. And why not? Dragons are powerful, awe inspiring, and usually cautionary. Stories of dragons can cast them as charming protagonists or objects of fear to be hunted. In the stories where dragons conquer, I wondered, how do they keep their power afterwards? How would a…

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Unknow the Other

This illustration represents how our educational system attempts to “know” the Other, the child. The system frames the student in a way where the only things that matter are measurable statistics and compliance. Essentially, this process acts as a cognitive biopsy that tries to find out what’s missing from the student and discipline them as…

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Neoliberalism as Nihilism?

I’ve come back to university a very different person from the one who left it. Among many other things, I’ve become more creative and artistic and I want to use these skills to help reflect the work I do in an engaging way. Academia has also become increasingly aware of the value of alternative forms…

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