Learning Something New

I have taught for 3 years in various capacities, not yet finding a permanent resting place. I’ve had quite a journey already, in my short 3 years of teaching. I have had to learn and adapt to new curriculum, schools, staff, and demographics. But my most recent job is leading me to places I didn’t…

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What is Digital Art?

Digital Art is an expression like any other art, however, it is created using a medium that is “new” in historical terms. In Digital Art, the artist uses various simple or advanced software and hardware to create their message, as opposed to the more traditional art tools such as paints, canvas, paper, pencil, clay, etc.…

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I’ve started this venture because I am passionate about learning. My intent is that this blog will showcase and document the various learning experiences, thoughts, ideas, and opinions I want to express. Follow me @brentrschmidt on Twitter Updated: August, 2016

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