Back To School

So I’m doing something that, 10 years ago, I never thought I would be doing: I’m taking my Master’s in Education.

Back in 2007, I did not enjoy taking my Bachelor of Education, but I loved teaching. But now that I’ve been teaching since 2008, things change and an opportunity arose. The proposition was to put together a cohort of teachers from two school divisions, to do their master’s part-time, together.

I love the classroom and want to stay connected to it, but I’m beginning to see that there are other places where I could have impact at an organizational level. I value freedom and independence, which is why I value education. Education gives one knowledge, a versatility in perspectives, and greater network of resources. Essentially, education leads to greater opportunities. Getting my Master’s degree would open me to new challenges and opportunities as well as new career paths and options.

So I put together my CV, wrote my statement of intent, and applied.

So now, I’m doing my Master’s at UofM with a fantastic cohort of educators and administrators. One course finished already, number two well on the way.

I’ll post stuff here periodically about my new pursuit.



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Educator & M. Ed. student.
Skills: reading, coaching & shooting hoops, strumming guitars, talking to humans, gaming, consuming caffeine, scribbling and doodling, making foods.

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