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Thoughts and opinions about specific topics in education.

Doodle Battle: Fight for the Whiteboard

As with most things in our classroom, it started with a story. In our Classroom Story, “Carta Marina”, we had a portion called Dungeon Dash where students’ characters were navigating a dungeon looking for monsters, loot, and keys. One group encountered a Slime, the most basic, weak, and ubiquitous of the Fantasy Role-Playing Game enemies/monsters. Below is the…

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This I Believe

  I believe in… education. it helps make our future brighter. I believe in… a future with an education system that meets the needs of all students. I believe in… volunteerism. a network of care in action.   I believe in… learning about various histories, cultures, stories, and peoples of the world I believe in……

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Teach Your Passion (It’s Engaging)

If you’re an educator, you know that the feeling of being overwhelmed comes from a plethora of directions. The province, curriculum, the school board, parents, experts, other teachers, students, and yourself. All these influences come crashing down on you – the axis of the wheel. “Teach this, grade this way, assess this way, engage this way,…

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