This I Believe


I believe in…

education. it helps make our future brighter.

I believe in…

a future with an education system that meets the needs of all students.

I believe in…

volunteerism. a network of care in action.


I believe in…

learning about various histories, cultures, stories, and peoples of the world

I believe in…

diving headfirst into three books at a time.

I believe in…

enjoying food, drink, and discussion with friends, family, and new people.


I believe in..,

playing acoustic and electric guitar… usually in my classroom…while singing.


I believe in…

using all tools available (techy and non-techy)  to interact and engage with students and the world around our classroom

I believe in…

encouraging youths to find their passion, build truths, and make a difference in their community and world


I believe in…


I believe in…

playing and coaching various athletic activities that aren’t ball.


But most of all.


I believe in…

forgiveness and hope. because we’d never make it anywhere without those two things.



Brent Schmidt View All →

Educator & M. Ed. student.
Skills: reading, coaching & shooting hoops, strumming guitars, talking to humans, gaming, consuming caffeine, scribbling and doodling, making foods.

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